Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 24th Instant Theatre Recap

"Alice in Wonderland" was the theme. And if you missed September's installment of Instant Theatre last night, boy, did you miss out. Our playwrights did an outstanding job of updating the characters from the Lewis Carroll novel. Here's some highlights:

The Caterpillar manifested itself as a plastic surgeon hooked on Red Bull...
The King and Queen of Hearts were talk show hosts passing judgement on O.J.'s latest arrest...
The March Hare and tea party guests ran a bar in the middle of nowhere...
Alice was a war protester executed for her crimes against humanity...
The Turtle attempted to dance with a chair...?!

...just to name a few.

Our audience took part in the madcap mayhem by guessing which character from the novel was given a present-day update in each scene. Congratulations to Howard who got 8 out of 10 characters correct and won himself a brand-spankin new copy of "Alice in Wonderland"!! ...Courtesy of Penguin Classics, I believe!!

Thank you again to our wonderful actors who participated: Lindsay, Casey, Darren, Lynda and Katie!! We can't do Instant Theatre without talented actors and every month our actors raise the bar.

Thank you also to our guest playwright, Ashley. What was that Turtle eating?!

Next month we're back on our usual day of the week- Wednesday- October 24th, to be exact. So keep an eye out for us and tell your friends!!
We'll see you next month...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alice in Wonderland

Announcing the theme for September 24th's instant theater: Alice in Wonderland.

Christopher has really cooked up a challenge for this one. Each writer has been assigned a character from Alice in Wonderland. Their task? To present to the audience the contemporary manifestation of that character. It's a little like answering the question: "What if Alice grew up, married well and lived on the Gold Coast?"

There's fun for the audience too. The audience will be filling out a little survey guessing which character is in which scene. The person who gets them all right, wins a prize! If more than one audience member is that brilliant, we'll draw from a hat. Provided by the Mad Hatter, of course.

Also, our very own Ashley Mace will be this week's guest writer. Many of you know her as that stunning blonde running lights - but she's also a talented writer. You'll get to see how talented on:

Monday, September 24th (remember we're on Monday this month!)
Participating Writers @ 7pm
Audience @ 8pm
Applause @ 9pm

Instant Theatre
Maximum Impact, Minimum Prep

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 2007 Instant Theater Participants

Announcing the participants for Septmeber's Instant Theater

1) Zan Skolnick
2) Ray Mees
3) Conrad Lawrence
4) Trina Kakacek
5) Beatriz Badikian-Gartler
6) Noreen C. Kelly
7) Nancy Schaefer
8) Barbara Kaplan
9) Larry Capenter

This month's special guest will be announced soon. Subscribe or check back for updates!

The theme will be announced one week prior to the event.

Remember, this month's Instant Theatre is on a Monday. Monday September 24th to be exact. Writer's be there at 7pm. Audience at 8pm.

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