Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Your thoughts on TRANSFORMATION!!

Post away folks!!

Is there an image from tonight's plays on your mind?
For me, it was the park bench, and the kitty folded from a newspaper...

What was the most metaphorical transformation?
Loved the stiletto heel...

Were there any particular words that stuck with you?
"fluffy lightening" (used to describe a dog)

Was there something that left you thinking, "WHAAAAAAAA?!" Tell us about it.

Do you want to know who wrote what play? Ask us.

Playwrights: did your scene get an unexpected reaction? Why?
Did you learn anything valuable as a writer tonight?

Let's hear what you've got to say about tonight's Instant Theatre...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Next Instant: January 30th at 8pm

Instant Theater
January 30th
Actors and Writers @ 7pm
Audience @ 8pm
Applause @ 9pm

Chicago Dramatists
1105 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

This month's theme is... TRANSFORMATION

The writer's task: Your scene must include an everyday object that during the course of the scene is transformed into another object.

For example: Your scene opens with a person on a cell phone. During the course of the scene the cell phone turns into an avenging alien being taking revenge for an ancient wrong. Or maybe it turns into a mop.

Want some inspiration?
- How's this for some theatrical transformation?