Monday, July 28, 2008


"Spread the Wealth" is July's Instant Theatre theme!!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th @ 8pm

And, of course, "spread the wealth" can mean a lot of things.
That's why you gotta come out and check out Instant Theatre this Wednesday!!

What does "Spread the Wealth" mean to you?
A wise man sharing his knowledge and experience with an ignorant fool?
A radical redistribution of resources as a result of violent revolution?
The simple act of breaking bread?

Our playwrights are going to spread their talent ALL over the stage in a wealth of tomfoolery- so come check it out!!

REMEMBER: it's a FREE hour of theatre- that's right- NO charge!

Instant Theatre
Chicago Dramatists
1105 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Wednesday, July 30th
Participating writers @ 7pm
Audience @ 8pm.
Everybody applauds @ 9pm.

Maximum Impact, Minimum Prep