Sunday, March 16, 2008

Instant Theatre at the MCA!!! It's Cavernous!

That's right- this Tuesday, March 18th, we're at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Performing at 6:30pm in the 30 foot high, wide open, echoey space that is Puck's Cafe!!

This month's scenes are going to embrace this wide open challenge and take place in some sort of cavernous space- there hence our theme:

Cavernous Instant Theatre!!!!!!!!

A warehouse?
The great outdoors?
A cavern?
Airplane hanger?
Hmmm... perhaps... you'll have to come and see for yourself.

And there's an added challenge to all our playwrights...
In the spirit of being at the MCA, all scenes must include a prop that has been built from scratch.

NICE, right?!?
Come check us out- remember dates and times have changed a bit...

Tuesday, March 18th
Participating writers @ 5:30pm
Audience @ 6:30pm.
Everybody applauds @ 7:30pm.

Maximum Impact, Minimum Prep