Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Your Comments on The Morning After

Your head is pounding. You're not quite sure where you are. You scrape the crust out of your eyes and look around. You can't believe what you're seeing:

  • A conniving divorce lawyer
  • Meta-theatrical meditations on minutiae
  • The demise of Facebook
  • The end of paper
  • Murderous twins
  • Showers of paper clips in a retirement home
  • An upright lizard
  • Dead rock-n-roll stars
  • A blackmail scheme
You're terrified for a moment. Have you been kidnapped? Drugged? Undergone rendition to a foreign land?

No. It all comes back to you. Thank God. You just spent the night at Instant Theatre.

The floor is open. Post your comments, thoughts, and observations on tonights Instant Theatre.


WendySchmidt said...

Aw, man I’m sorry no one’s commented yet. I thought it was a really good Instant Theater. Too bad it was so cold.

First, I really liked the little play about the two young people who met on the Internet (written by Trina). I loved how they went down the list of computer communication and imbued all of it with this double meaning -- “I love your attachments!” -- and how they finally discovered certain things that were really nice about face to face contact as well. And then, it was a magic moment of theatre, or maybe even an accident, when the cell phone music played while they hugged.

I also loved how Keely was able to pack plot twists into her short play about the unfaithful/blackmailing/non-hetero husband. It was very complete for five minutes, I’m trying to figure out how she did that.

Great dialogue in the twin sisters scene by Tyla, two people having a completely opposite experience of the exact same thing is my cup of tea. A five minute play that might be allegorical.

One other thing, I just loved the performances of Will and Linda as reptiles in my play, I was totally entertained. I’m still feeling the end doesn’t work, unfortunately, but they did a good job carrying it through.

Thanks to Chris and Aaron for running this thing.

Keely said...

A little late to the party, sorry!

A couple of standout moments for me were the dialogue with the glass/crystal sibs (I love when overlapped dialogue works!) and the superior casting of the lizard scene (as well as the creation of the wholly sympathetic and amusing maverick lizard.)

Such a fun night. Yay playwrights and actors! And, you know, Aaron and Christopher. ;)

Tyla's Particulars said...

enjoy it as a writer because it really makes you think and be quick about it. I enjoy watching the actors take work they've looked at for all of five minutes...maybe and then make magic. They really do make magic. It's a different theatre but still really good theatre and I like it! Did I say I like it. Cool. Peace.

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