Saturday, August 23, 2008

DON'T BET ON IT in August!!

"Don't Bet On It" is August's Instant Theatre theme!!!


Sometimes your horse makes it across the finish line...
And sometimes the horse falls flat on its ass- taking you down with it.

The moral being: If you think the outcome is certain- DON'T BET ON IT!!!!

What if the laws of gravity suddenly failed?
What if your girlfriend said no when you dropped to one knee?
What if that Fed-Ex package simply did not arrive in the 24 hours promised?
What if you woke up transformed into a cockroach?

Our playwrights will show us the rug being pulled out from under all sorts of crazy stuff. So come check it out!!

REMEMBER: it's a FREE hour of theatre- that's right- NO charge!

Instant Theatre
Chicago Dramatists
1105 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Wednesday, August 27th
Participating writers @ 7pm
Audience @ 8pm.
Everybody applauds @ 9pm.

Maximum Impact, Minimum Prep


lyndawithay said...

As if Instant Theatre isn't spontaneous enough, you guys add audience participation! What a fascinating exploration of theater. Interactive theater is unpredictable: audiences can surprise you, mock you, delight you, inspire you, support you, ignore you, or make you look better. Interesting how the playwrights used the audience in different ways(from puppeteers to participants to jurors) and how the plays all tended to have fewer characters. A great night of instant theater!!

AZ said...

Damn i missed out! i will be there next time. hope there is some audience interaction then too!